Freight Transportation Made Simple

Looking for insight into the trends, services, and best practices that are shaping the future of freight transportation? We’ve got you covered. At Estes, our vast industry expertise is backed by 90 years of shipping experience, and a mission to provide flexible, responsive freight solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Explore our resources below to learn how to navigate some of the most common shipping challenges, improve your business’ operational efficiency, and make freight shipping easier.



The Shipping Basics, Explained

Are you new to freight shipping, or to Estes? Our Shipper’s Guide provides a helpful introduction to shipping while answering many commonly asked questions. Explore our Shipper’s Guide to learn more about:

The freight transportation solutions we offer
 How to package your freight
 The factors that can affect your shipping costs
 Freight classifications, hazardous materials, shipping terms, and more

Check out our Shipper's Guide for tips and tools to make shipping with Estes even easier.



Reducing Environmental Impact Through Green Trucking

Is your company committed to going green? We’ll explore some best practices for transporting your freight more sustainably and efficiently, as well as help you identify carriers that share your commitment to the environment. See our industry insights into:

The impact green trucking has on reducing our carbon footprint
Strategies carriers can use to reduce, re-use, and recycle
What to look for when choosing an eco-friendly freight carrier

Read more about Green Trucking.



Using Guaranteed Shipping to Deliver Peace of Mind

Would your freight shipments benefit from greater control over timing? We’ll help you determine if guaranteed, time-critical shipping is right for you, and help you to identify:

 The types and benefits of guaranteed freight shipping
 When you should consider a guarantee for your shipment
 What to look for when choosing a time-critical freight carrier

Read more about Time Critical Guaranteed Shipping.



Logistics and Supply Chain Management 101

Are you looking to build a faster, leaner supply chain? Logistics and supply chain management solutions can help you optimize your shipping operation, reduce costs, and stay flexible and responsive to the changing needs of your customers. Explore the industry best practices around supply chain management to help you identify:

Which logistics services might be right for your business
The benefits of dedicated freight transportation
The many ways flatbed transportation can improve freight efficiency

Read more about Understanding Logistics and Supply Chain Management.



Take the Stress Out of Cross-Border Canada Shipping

Are you arranging a freight shipment into Canada? We’ll help you navigate the obstacles involved in cross-border shipping, and teach you how to identify carriers that can successfully manage them. Check out this guide to learn:

What to look for when shopping for a cross-border freight carrier
The role of a customs broker, and whether you need one when shipping to Canada
How to avoid delays when shipping across the border

Read more about Cross-Border Canada Shipping.